PPP is here to help you put right the wrongs that you have suffered, even when you have received compensation, a refund or some redress; we are able to still get you more.


At the PPP we have experts in obtaining the restitution, restoration, redress, relief, and refunds owed to you.

We are able to look at every instance, where you have suffered a wrong and provide a service in identifying the cause of action that you may have, and bringing that case against the people responsible, after given them the opportunity to settle.

Where your case may already have been dealt with and you have received or are entitled to some pay out, settlement or compensation we often are able to revisit your case and seek to fulfil what ought to be done.

We are also able to go back and look at situations where your ancestry and past heritage would entitle you to receive what would belong to you, as a result of hereditary or inheritance rules, which are often unknown or unwittingly ignored.

Understand, that there are now multiple law types, which have been in existence since the beginning of humanity. Where people often seek justice where there is a civil or criminal liability and even though you may get some recourse it is too the Law of Chancery where trusts and equity reside that we examine your situation.


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