The principle of the ppp trust and how it applies to all injustices perpetrated against humanity.

There has been many instances where the government and it's agencies and institutions have been the perpetrators of a wrong or wrongs against and individual or a group, and this act has gone unrecognised, unresolved, unsettled. And where redress, relief, restitution and restoration remaining outstanding.

The individual(s) is left in a position where they have an inalienable right, cause of action, claim and compensation for the losses and damages suffered.

Where the individual(s) fail to receive their right, this remains an asset that turns part of their inheritance or legacy that is automatically passed to their inheritors until it comes to you as the current living descendant.

You as the beneficiary are the only one that can bring a claim against the perpetrators i.e. the government to obtain what is due to you.

The vehicle that is ideal and designed to carry out this action with the maximum effect is a TRUST. A trust can act on your behalf in obtaining the losses and damages, together with any and all benefits due to you.

The ppp trust has been set up to represent all People's and any Past or Present claim.

In order to activate what the ppp trust can do for you, register as a beneficiary, let us know how advanced your claim is and do not sign any away your rights by signing a Non-Disclosure Agreement.


Powerful Event concept, Use for Multipurpose

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